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July 15

Peregrine – Final Prototype

In July the focus project DroGone ended and we were able to present our final prototype which we named “Peregrine” at the ARCHE, a yearly event organised by the armasuisse. The final presentation and prototype evaluation, where we conducted a..Read More
April 20

April Update

With the corona-virus stopping most of the research at ETH, we had to replan our next actions and goals. Since we cannot meet in bigger groups at the moment, our team mostly works from home: One person took all the..Read More
March 12

First Catch! (with Video)

First Catch! (with Video)
Since Red Sparrow proved to be very reliable indoors, we decided to go test outside and let our drone “run free”. We tested the position hold performance using normal GPS and then flew manually in the so-called stabilized mode, where..Read More
February 27


As you already know, a part of the DroGone team joined this year’s contending ETH team at the MBZIRC. On February 16th, we boarded a flight to Abu Dhabi, where ten days of toilsome work lay ahead. We were motivated..Read More
February 12

Red Sparrow Flies

Red Sparrow Flies
After an intense exam session, we are back working on the project. The newest prototype of our drone, Red Sparrow, is flying. After several impact tests with our old prototype Sparrow it was time for an upgrade. Equipped with more..Read More
November 1

Our first prototype is taking shape!

Our first prototype is taking shape!
We designed, constructed and built our first Drone Prototype Sparrow! It’s a big hexacopter (six propellers) with the catching mechanism mounted on top of the drone. The catching mechanism is for now a net fixed between rods. Our strategy is..Read More
October 16

First steps

First steps
On the 16. September, we had the official kick off of our project. Shortly after that we decided to participate together with the ASL Lab at the MBZIRC, a robotics Challenge in Abu Dhabi taking place next February ( We..Read More

Project DroGone

As we see drones become ubiquitous, we observe an increase in potential threats posed by them. These threats are of both accidental and malicious intent nature, but both in their own right could prove to be fatal to members of the general public. DroGone is a project that aims to address the surgent public security threats with regards to drones by developing a Drone-Catching Drone. We differ from current anti-drone systems in the retrieval aspect. While most try to damage and thus crash the enemy drone, we try to retrieve it in one piece. This allows us to engage with enemy drones in public settings, e.g. over open-air festivals, large-scale sporting events, etc. without risking injury of citizens by debris.

About Us

Our team consists of ten ETH-Bachelor students from the mechanical and electrical engineering domain. We are coached by numerous master and phd students from the Autonomous Systems Lab and supervised by Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart.

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You like what we do and wish to reach out to us? Whether you want to join us on this journey as partner or you just want to know more about the project, we are happy to answer your questions.

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